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Cincinnati Historical Victorian Porch Restoration

Historical Restoration & Preservation

At Old School Craftsman - we preserve and restore historical details of long ago; and for another hundred years.

Historical Restoration Services

Cincinnati Sunroom

Outdoor Living

At Old School Craftsman - we shed light on the most relaxing atmospheres; inside/ or night!

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Western Red Cedar Timber Patio

Rustic Red Cedar Timber Frame Patio

At Old School Craftsman - our outdoor design creations are truly "as big as all outdoors".

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copper elliptical arch

Elegance Dressed In Cedar & Copper 

At Old School Craftsman - we offer the highest standards of quality, creativity and professionalism.

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Twisted Brick Porch Column

Twisted Brick Columns 

At Old School Craftsman - we provide a uniqueness that will give a twist to even the most creative imaginations.

Custom Brickwork

a house in the trees

The Nearly Impossible - Made Possible

At Old School Craftsman - we go to great heights to build your most challenging dreams.

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Pool House Custom Built

A Cool Build For A Hot Day

At Old School Craftsman - we build extremely unique and custom outdoor entertainment areas.

Custom Services

Cedar Arch and copper ceiling

A Beauty On The Water

At Old School Craftsman - we unite wood with water in the most unusual ways imaginable.

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Cincinnati Victorian Porch Restoration
Cincinnati Victorian Porch Restoration

Cincinnati's Master Craftsman

My name is Brent W. Sears, and I am Cincinnati’s master craftsman specializing in small-scale custom home projects and historical restorations. I handle specialty construction tasks that many other home contractors do not, including plasterwork, copperwork, marquetry, parquetry, millwork, historical windows, historical staircases, and antique restoration.  

I prefer to handle projects in my workshop and then ship the custom builds to you directly. My workshop is equipped with all the latest technology, designed to handle historical restoration projects perfectly. That includes an Altendorf sliding table saw, CNC robots, and many smaller pieces of high-tech gear that I use nearly daily. You can see some of these tools and machines in the sliding images on the home page. 

That said, in certain cases, Brendon and I will come out to your home or property if the situation calls for it, but in the vast majority of cases we will select projects that we can do in the shop. We are master craftsmen and take on the projects that interest us.  

The Old School Craftsman team wants to hear from you! Do you have a custom home build or historical restoration that you want to see done the right way? If quality in construction matters to you, click here to reach out, and let’s have a conversation!


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With Old School Craftsman we experienced the absolute highest level of quality and attention to detail possible for a project. We don’t believe you can do better. Our new 2nd floor balcony is gorgeous due to the design of architect Tom Wilcox and Brent’s unparalleled ability to turn that design into a functional reality.

He and his son Brendon were a pleasure to work with, always a nice word to say and a great father son duo. They communicate clearly through weekly updates that reassured us on the project length and progress.

Simply put, if you want your project done 100% right, then choose Old School Craftsman so you can sleep easy every step of the way.

Jessie Heikenfeld

I can’t recommend old-school craftsmanship enough. Brent and his son Brendan are just awesome. Brent pays attention to every single detail of the project. And all of the team that he brought in did exceptional work.. It’s not often that you have a team work. in your house that you miss when they’re gone. But everyone was so nice and easy to work with.

Holly Manilla

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Keep Your Historical Home Up to Code

If you own a historic home, then you already know they require a little more maintenance and care than other houses. All that character and craftsmanship means you as a homeowner must be more vigilant to potential issues and aging features.  

Historic buildings and historic structures have been standing for a long time, and when they were built building codes may have been a little different.

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