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Western Red Cedar Timber Patio

Rustic Red Cedar Timber Frame Patio

At Old School Craftsman, our outdoor design creations are truly - "as big as all outdoors".

Big Timber Framing

copper elliptical arch

Elegance Dressed In Cedar & Copper 

At Old School Craftsman, we offer the highest standards of quality, creativity and professionalism.

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Twisted Brick Porch Column

Twisted Brick Columns 

At OldSchool Craftsman, we provide uniqueness that will give a twist to even the most creative imaginations.

Custom Brickwork

a house in the trees

The Nearly Impossible - Made Possible

At Old School Craftsman, we go to great heights to build your most challenging dreams.

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Pool House Custom Built

A Cool Build For A Hot Day

At Old School Craftsman, we build extremely unique and custom outdoor entertainment areas.


Cedar Arch and copper ceiling

A Beauty On The Water

At Old School Craftsman, we unite wood with water in the most unusual ways imaginable.

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boat house on a lake
boat house

Attention to Quality

Focused Approach, Extraordinary Outcomes

“It is with extreme pride that I can build for you - with my hands; the finest of everything.” 

- Brent W. Sears


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We hired many different contractors over the years for major renovations or small projects and our experiences ranged from okay to truly disappointing. Then came Brent Sears... Brent was the best decision we ever made. Everything he does is top-notch. He aims to not only do a good job, but he also strives for excellence. He is conscientious, thorough, thoughtful, creative, respectful... and he doesn't take shortcuts. He takes pride in his work and wants his clients to have a positive experience. The crew he works with has been his trusted electricians, plumbers, painters, and HVAC installers for decades. He holds them to the same standards. We so appreciate the fine work he did with the artist studio addition and will forever treasure having had the pleasure to work with him. It was encouraging to see that fine craftsmanship still exists even though too often it is the exception. To put it another way: once you have tasted real champagne you will realize that the other stuff is just sparkling wine. So why settle for that? Yeah, the bottom shelf bubbly may save you a couple of bucks but it may also give you a hangover. We thoroughly enjoyed our champagne experience. Now we are spoiled and will never again settle for less.

Uwe Winter

art studio front and side with landscaping

EVERYDAY I tell myself and everyone within earshot how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your design. The Studio/Garage is STUNNING!!!! I can hardly take my eyes off of it. If I tried to list everything I love about it, this email would be sooo very long! Your design is thoughtful of our house in ever little detail. I think this has to be one of your most beautiful works ever. I might be a little biased, but I am not!!! 

Not only was your design over the top, (truly beyond anything Uwe and I could have thought up), but having Brent on this project takes everything into the realm of something close to heaven! He is one of the most conscientious, talented and hard working guy I've ever meet!!! I realize I'm gushing, but it is clearly called for! I meant every word of it!! Thank You!!!!!!! 

Cindy Olmes

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A toilet next to a sink in a decorated bathroom

Will my home renovation increase the value of my home? When it comes time to sell my home, how do I recalculate the value of my home? 

These are both great questions and ones that the Old School Craftsman team commonly hears. 

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