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Cincinnati Sunroom

Outdoor Living

At Old School Craftsman - we shed light on the most relaxing atmospheres; inside/ or night!


Cincinnati Historical Victorian Porch Restoration

Historical Restoration & Preservation

At Old School Craftsman - we preserve and restore historical details of long ago; and for another hundred years.

Victorian Double Porch

Western Red Cedar Timber Patio

Rustic Red Cedar Timber Frame Patio

At Old School Craftsman - our outdoor design creations are truly "as big as all outdoors".

Big Timber Framing

copper elliptical arch

Elegance Dressed In Cedar & Copper 

At Old School Craftsman - we offer the highest standards of quality, creativity and professionalism.

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Twisted Brick Porch Column

Twisted Brick Columns 

At Old School Craftsman - we provide a uniqueness that will give a twist to even the most creative imaginations.

Custom Brickwork

a house in the trees

The Nearly Impossible - Made Possible

At Old School Craftsman - we go to great heights to build your most challenging dreams.

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Pool House Custom Built

A Cool Build For A Hot Day

At Old School Craftsman - we build extremely unique and custom outdoor entertainment areas.


Cedar Arch and copper ceiling

A Beauty On The Water

At Old School Craftsman - we unite wood with water in the most unusual ways imaginable.

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boat house on a lake
boat house

Attention to Quality

Focused Approach, Extraordinary Outcomes

“It is with extreme pride that I can build for you - with my hands; the finest of everything.” 

- Brent W. Sears


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Brent and Brendon did an amazing job in rebuilding our historic front porch to a beautiful, solid, work of art. Our front porch was over one hundred years old and suffering from rot in selective places and over a century of mixed maintenance and repairs.

Brent assessed the situation and worked with us to come up with the right plan to build the focal point of our home's curb appeal. This involved a meticulous selection of building materials. He took the time to walk through the various options for wood, composites, fasteners, trim materials, paint, epoxy, and all other components imaginable. He talked through the reasoning behinds his recommendations and was patient and open with follow up questions and alternative suggestions.

He followed up by coming out and taking some selective samples of the original decaying spindles and stripping them down to find all of the original detail. This was followed by crafting replacement spindles, balusters, balustrades, and handrails. He took the time to ensure all items were properly sanded, treated, painted, and finished to create a lasting finish that still showcases the details in the craftsmanship that align with the history of the house.

This job required bracing and raising the porch roof and a full rebuild of the porch frame. We ran into a surprise need to pour footers for the patio (it didn't exist previously) and Brent seamlessly folded it into the schedule, excavating the foundation areas, contacting our architect for updated plans, working with the inspector, and getting the new footers poured. The new frame could probably support several cars being parked on them without bowing to the weight.

During the construction process, Brent and Brendon ensured that they were consistently communicating plans for the following days and weeks. They let us know which days would be shop days and which would be on site along with the expected work for each of those days. Each day when they showed up they were considerate of the nearby school entry and release times as well as having a terrific demeanor with all of the kids walking around and the myriad neighbors stopping by to admire the work. The worksite was left totally clean each day with no construction debris or materials left out.

The father-son team adapted to the unique conditions of a century of weather exposure. When working on the second floor patio that was suffering from exposure as well, they replaced the posts and railings quickly while working through the challenges identified.

Finally, the attention to detail really sets this crew over the top. Whether it was the intricate details of the spindles, the adjustments that needed to be designed for the perfect handrail design, or carving our street numbers into the handrail posts (showcasing the beauty of the underlying wood) they were precise and collaborative at every step. The team never tried to rush through our project just to get to the next job. The pride and care taken was evident every day of the project.

Rich Hill

Our experience with Old School Craftsman for a Sunroom addition was exceptional! Brent arrived to review the project within days of our call. He was very thorough in the bidding process and answered all of our questions. During construction he walked us through every phase so there would be no surprises. And while here we discussed the numerous 'pain points' we had in our home, primarily in the kitchen. He listened to all our ramblings and offered solutions and follow through. From new kitchen tile, to improved lighting, to fixing a bottleneck at our refrigerator, and so many more other items. He also gave us the confidence to pull dated carpeting from the family room and replacing with hardwood. All adding to a more functional and beautiful home. And of course, a gorgeous Sunroom and Deck. He treated our home as if it were his. Brent, his son, and wife were invaluable to this project. We are so happy with the final result, and we certainly miss our daily visits with the Sears Family.

Paul and Beverly Bockrath

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Two men smiling. The text reads, "Old School Craftsman at the Wyoming Fall Festival"

If you know the Old School Craftsman team, then you know that we love Wyoming, Ohio. A small town located north of Cincinnati, Wyoming is a place for family, fun, good food, and local culture.  

We have done projects in Wyoming before, including the Victorian Porch Restoration, and were pleased by the number of townsfolks who stopped by to ask questions and discuss the project.  

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