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Cincinnati Historical Victorian Porch Restoration

Historical Restoration & Preservation

At Old School Craftsman - we preserve and restore historical details of long ago; and for another hundred years.

Victorian Double Porch

Cincinnati Sunroom

Outdoor Living

At Old School Craftsman - we shed light on the most relaxing atmospheres; inside/ or night!


Western Red Cedar Timber Patio

Rustic Red Cedar Timber Frame Patio

At Old School Craftsman - our outdoor design creations are truly "as big as all outdoors".

Big Timber Framing

copper elliptical arch

Elegance Dressed In Cedar & Copper 

At Old School Craftsman - we offer the highest standards of quality, creativity and professionalism.

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Twisted Brick Porch Column

Twisted Brick Columns 

At Old School Craftsman - we provide a uniqueness that will give a twist to even the most creative imaginations.

Custom Brickwork

a house in the trees

The Nearly Impossible - Made Possible

At Old School Craftsman - we go to great heights to build your most challenging dreams.

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Pool House Custom Built

A Cool Build For A Hot Day

At Old School Craftsman - we build extremely unique and custom outdoor entertainment areas.

Custom Services

Cedar Arch and copper ceiling

A Beauty On The Water

At Old School Craftsman - we unite wood with water in the most unusual ways imaginable.

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boat house on a lake
boat house

Attention to Quality

Focused Approach, Extraordinary Outcomes

“It is with extreme pride that I can build for you - with my hands; the finest of everything.” 

- Brent W. Sears


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I can’t recommend old-school craftsmanship enough. Brent and his son Brendan are just awesome. Brent pays attention to every single detail of the project. And all of the team that he brought in did exceptional work.. It’s not often that you have a team work. in your house that you miss when they’re gone. But everyone was so nice and easy to work with.

Holly Manilla

I wanted to say thanks for such a great job and say how much we appreciate what you guys did for us........ I couldn't be happier with my experience with Old School Craftsman and the additions they made to our house.  Brent and his son consistently delivered on time, on budget and exceeded my expectations with their quality and pride of workmanship.  They were very flexible and accommodating with respect to a few last-minute design changes.  We are really enjoying the additional space and our house is now much more accessible and user-friendly.  

Brent and his son also managed to make some major additions in a way that did not disrupt our daily lives or our comfort throughout the process.  Brent was proactive and meticulous in his communication through weekly updates to kept us very well-informed throughout.  I've never worked with a better contractor, and I'd recommend them to anyone looking to expand or improve their home.

Two thumbs up and five stars!    

Phil Pfalzgraf

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Meet the Master Craftsman

My name is Brent W. Sears and I am the master craftsman at Old School Craftsman. Together with my son and apprentice Brendon, and my wife Trish, we make up the Old School Craftsman team.

Over the years, many of my clients, friends, and partners have asked me about my career as a craftsman. I love to reminisce about my favorite projects, but there is only so much time in a day! I wanted to set aside some time to write down some of my experiences and my journey from my first projects to becoming the master craftsman I am today.  

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