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Cincinnati Custom Craftsman

Welcome to Old School Craftsman!

Hello! My name is Brent W. Sears. Let me tell you a little about what you can expect, and what you will receive from me.

Many people I work with on a project tell me, "This is our first time".  In the onset many have stated to me, "We are certainly excited about the project, but to be honest - a bit nervous." Nervous thoughts are very understandable..... should those thoughts have crossed your mind, please relax and know you are among experienced professionals that will make your transformation a very pleasurable experience! Building projects are exciting!! I live for the transformations, meeting new families, making new friendships and lasting relationships. So please, take a deep breath and ease your mind.
I have been in the building trades and as a General Contractor professionally since 1984; nearly 40 years. The people you will meet at the walkthroughs are some of my dearest and best friends; HVAC Techs, Plumbers, Electricians, Flooring Installers, Drywall/Plasterers, Painters, Excavation & Concrete Professionals, etc. We all know each other's families, kids, hobbies, etc., and they all know what I expect. I respect and guarantee their abilities to achieve superior results that you and I both demand. I will be bringing people (total strangers to you) onto your property, and many of them into your home, that I deeply admire and respect; around your kids, your pets and each other.

These people are true extensions of who I am and what I do; I am very proud to introduce them to you! You will soon get to know them by their first names and become part of our "contractor family." Without them I cannot promptly create the masterpiece that is about to unfold before your eyes!
My team and I simply cannot wait to get started; working with you and your family!! This is an adventure together (you, me, my team, and very talented architect Tom Wilcox, who I will introduce to you in the very beginning; Tom is a great friend and is best of class throughout the city) to achieve everything you want and deeply desire now, as well as plan for your future needs-- all while exceeding your expectations in every way possible.

That is my promise and absolute guarantee to you! I have many, many references that can attest to this very statement and further guarantee you will soon be another among these many testimonials of how we constructed your dream; together.

About My Business Model

Many of my clients, and skilled tradesmen that work with me daily, have referred to me as a Master Craftsman, and my work to that of an Artisan. I do what many will not or cannot; either due to enormous complexities or means, methods and techniques exceeding skill levels. I have built what seem to many as nearly impossible; while honoring meticulous architectural details with impeccable and predictable results. While others "build", a Craftsman/Artisan creates a work of art. And while it is hard to truly define a Master Craftsman/ will certainly recognize it in my final work product created for your many years of enjoyment.

Many approach their work with the mindset "just hurry up and get it done"; I am most concerned with perfecting what I am creating for you rather than having it completed, posthaste. My mature business experiences have taught me the quickest way to complete your project is by steady, time-proven and calculated methods that I have utilized for many years, and certainly, the surest way to prolong your project is to rush any part of those proven methods. This could result in many delays and inconsistencies for all involved. I will not rush any portion of your project to meet an unrealistic deadline.

I provide high-end custom construction services; from the most complex interior transformations that you can imagine, huge timber member joinery of outdoor structures, extravagant remodels, and extremely complex additions, to absolutely any custom creation new from the ground up. Furthermore, I have a broad knowledge of many construction product types from my “deep in the trench” experiences.  

I do the following four things that set My Business Model apart from others:

  1. I will personally be onsite every day of your project, no exceptions, managing all daily activities with extreme diligence, from start to finish. Your project shall receive my undivided attention. There is no project more important to me than yours; I contract one project at a time for your benefit!

  2. I provide a Guaranteed Fixed Price for your project. You will understand known costs upfront before any work begins. I put the time in, on the front end, to ensure there are no surprises to your budget; an unprecedented statement at this level of construction.

  3. I do not now/nor have I ever required an infusion of one's working capital (also known as a deposit, or an advance) prior to beginning your construction project. Therefore, I am always completing work prior to my pay requests.

  4. I provide extremely detailed weekly reporting, including photographs of project activity, and a Two Week Forecast of what you may expect. I feel that it is just as important to understand where we are going, and how we will get there, as it is to know where we have been throughout your entire transformation.

If you wish to experience this service for yourself, reach out to me today so we can get started!


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