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Cincinnati Historical Restoration Services

Restoring Historical Homes to their Full Beauty

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Old School Craftsman is your expert historical restoration team in Cincinnati. Both my son Brendon and I believe that historic homes and buildings are relics in today’s age. It takes the skill and precision of a master craftsman to restore historical homes to their full beauty.  

The level of skill and attention to detail that went into homes built in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries is unmatched. Brendon and I understand the nuisances of these homes and we want to work with you to repair, recreate, or correct the damage done in the passing years. We can make your historic property look the way it did the day it was built.  

Our expertise covers historic millwork, historic windows and window frames, historical staircases, and even antique furniture. One of my favorite recent projects was a historic restoration of a Victorian double porch in Wyoming, Ohio.  

If you have a historic home or building that could use restoration services from a master craftsman.

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Historical Millwork

Victorian House Double Porch

When I talk about historical millwork, I am referring to woodwork that is featured in any historical building or structure. Millwork is something of a broad category and can include any of the following. 

  • Crown Moulding 
  • Moulding/trim 
  • Cabinetry 
  • Scotia Moulding  
  • Shelving 
  • Gingerbread 
  • Corbel  
  • Brackets 
  • Ornamental work 
  • Rosettes 
  • Doors  
  • Shutters 

If it’s antique, vintage, or historical wood components or millwork, Old School Craftsman is the team for you. We are Cincinnati’s foremost experts when it comes to restoring and replacing historical millwork on properties and homes built in the 1800s and early 1900s. 

Historic Windows

Restoring or replacing historic windows can be a delicate process. Not only is antique glass often fragile or warped but it also cannot be easily replaced or replicated. Many people desire the warped, foggy look that can only come from the glass sagging over decades and even centuries.

Add to that, old window frames are sometimes fragile and can splinter when an inexperienced craftsman attempts to repair them.  

Brendon and I have worked extensively with historic windows, and we know what it takes to repair the structure of an antique window while keeping those elements (like decorative work and stained glass) that make it unique.  

The Old School Craftsman team can do: 

  • Antique glass restoration 
  • Shutter restoration 
  • Stained glass restoration 
  • Window frame painting and refinishing 
  • Window reglazing 
  • Window frame repair and reinforcement 
  • Window frame complete replacement 

Antique or vintage window frames are not like those built today. If you have an old window in your home and you want it repaired to its full glory, Old School Craftsman is the team that has the expertise and tools to get the job done the right way. 

Historical Staircases

Victorian antique staircase

Historical staircases can often be overlooked when discussing historical restorations. These antique beauties were often built by hand and cut from hefty pieces of wood. Unlike today where stairs are assembled in a factory. Historical staircases were rarely cut to a standard length, instead they were made to fit the style of the home. This allows for intricate detail but can lead to trouble if a craftsman is used to working with modern stairs that use regulated measurements.  

What’s more the location and function of historic staircases can create key discrepancies. A porch’s stairs will be different than a basement’s stairs, which will be different than a spiral staircase. 

We can restore, replace, or repair a variety of staircases and staircase components, including (but not limited to): 

  • Porch stairs 
  • Balcony stairs 
  • Indoor/outdoor stairs 
  • Basement or cellar stairs 
  • Spindles 
  • Newel posts 
  • Structural columns 
  • Handrails 
  • Balustrade 

Can Old School Craftsman help you replace or repair your historic staircases? We specialize in quick, efficient, and artful spindle production.

Antique Restoration

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In addition to working on historic buildings and structures, Brendon and I can also restore your antique furniture. I love working with historic furniture because the craftsmanship and skill level that went into each piece is rarely matched in today’s world.  

Do you have antique furniture? I can repair or restore the following: 

  • Any antique furniture 
  • Artifacts 
  • Implements 
  • Tools 
  • Metalwork 
  • Antique clocks 
  • Victorian pieces 

I want to hear from you!

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