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Cincinnati Specialty Craftsman Services

Craftsmanship is Custom

Craftsmanship is what skilled artists and skilled builders demonstrate when they create something. It’s when you use your hands to tell a story, and to build someone’s dreams. The feeling you get when people you build for stands in awe, speechless to witness what they could never imagine, with watering eyes followed by tears of joy trickling down their cheeks, and an expression of disbelief that only by touching can make it real to them, followed by a hug of gratitude.  

It’s an addiction to do it again. That’s me; an addict of nearly forty years, with no known cure, the only relief is to do it over and over again.  

  • I resurrect deteriorated items; a passion to preserve the specialty of a previous craftsman’s intent, for another hundred years

  • I engineer creative solutions for the most arduous tasks; the impossible builds made possible

  • I create items from thin air; no limitations to one’s imaginations. I measure the quality of my work with a long yardstick

Whatever method I choose to use was instilled in me from a very young age. An age when building something for someone was “in the tradition” of doing it well, doing it right even if someone wasn’t watching. The feeling of a job well done, and the pride that rides along side in its delivery to you. 

I measure, I template, I create jigs for old door profiles, cabinet and casework, stairway components, etc., etc., you name it I have likely created it at some point in my nearly 40 year career.  

I endeavor to make an addition on your home look like it was part of the original build. I salvage pieces from selective demolition and reuse them as often as possible; there is no better way to match original than to use original. 

Craftsmanship isn’t just one particular thing….it’s a part of everything I create for you!

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