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Cincinnati Specialty Craftsman Services

Cincinnati Speciality Craftsman Services

I offer specialty craftsman services for homes and properties in the greater Cincinnati area. By specialty services, I mean anything that is outside the boundaries of walls, floors, and ceilings. For example, one of my favorite projects I have ever done is a Tuscan-inspired copper ceiling for a client’s dining room. 

My specialty contracting services include things like windows/window sash, copperwork,  marquetry, parquetry, inlays, antique furniture restoration, and custom decorative elements.  

I have extensive experience replicating various looks, styles, and aesthetics, especially in historical or custom homes. There is no idea too crazy or level of detail too minute for my team to handle. Let’s take a closer look at some examples below. 

Contact the master at Old School Craftsman for your next specialty woodworking project.

Copper arch dining room


Copperwork is such a unique medium and I can’t help but to be reminded of historical buildings, like those Roman remnants you might see in Europe. Not only that, but copper is also beautiful when finished. 

As I said above, one of my all-time favorite projects was a custom copper ceiling for a beloved client’s dining room. I have also made a custom copper archway and other unique and specialty copper pieces.  

Copper is a malleable substance and if you want to include it in your home, it is important that you select a contractor or craftsman (like me) who has worked with it before. I am eager to do more customer copper pieces and restorations!

plaster work measurement

Plaster Work

Ornamental plaster work is becoming something of a lost art. It’s too bad because you can do a lot of wonderful things with plaster and imagination. You will often see plaster featuring beautiful crown moulding. It can be heartbreaking to see plaster work covered up with cheap paint or cracked and ruined by neglect.  

If you are looking to have your ornamental plaster work repaired, refurbished, or replaced, Old School Craftsman is your best bet for success. I have worked extensively with ornamental plaster, especially in historical homes, and I know the precision and care that it requires. 

Do you have a home with ornamental plaster work that needs care?

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Marquetry is one of the best, and most overlooked, ways to add artful details to a space. If you have ever seen shapes, patterns, or icons carved into a solid piece of wood, it is typically marquetry. Done by adding pieces of veneer to a structure to form a decorative pattern or design, you can see marquetry manifest itself in many forms.  

Marquetry is a fine art. You need a craftsman who is experienced in marquetry if you want the refined, ornate style you are looking for. It often appears in furniture like chairs and tables. One of the best pieces I have seen in recent years is a sun-moon pattern in a chess table! 

I want to hear your ideas for marquetry, nothing is too unusual or out-of-the-box. For custom marquetry on your next woodworking project! 


Commonly used for flooring, ceilings, and walls, parquetry is an artisan building technique in which intricate patterns and geometrical are created in woodwork, often using different types of wood. You might not see it as much in new homes, but parquetry is extremely common in historic homes.  

Parquetry needs to be repaired or installed with incredible care and forethought. A craftsman needs to design the parquet pattern well in advance of installation. If you are interested in installing or maintaining parquetry in your home, you need an expert craftsman.  

I want to hear about your parquetry needs. Click here to start a conversation about your next parquet project now! 


Looking for something that will make a statement? Try parametric wood art. Not only is it stunning to look at, but, if made from the right materials, parametrics can have sound-absorbing properties too!  

This unique art style features planks cut and sliced at just the right angle to create a 3D image. I am one of the only craftsmen or artists in the Cincinnati area that offers this service, and I think it is an extremely underrated way to add distinction to any room in your home. 

Interested in parametrics in your home? Click here to contact Old School Craftsman now! 

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