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Cincinnati Custom Design Renderings

CAD Renderings

A method providing unique perspectives and inspirations, enhancing the final creation.

The last thing I want to hear from you is… “It looks great Brent, but I wish we would have thought to do “xxx”. That is the very last thing any builder wants to hear, especially a “custom” builder that is expected to “get it right” every time. It is sometimes hard for people to read drawings, as some drawings are extremely difficult and detailed beyond what most could ever begin to imagine coming to life.

I get it, this may very well be the first time you have ever really looked at or studied drawings. It pops right off the paper for me, of nearly forty years in the business, and I often overlook that the same effect may not immediately come to you. This is for your home, the decisions you are making you will be living with likely for many years. Getting us on the same page is paramount….it’s called rendering.

In my earlier years I to had a disconnect for “lines on paper”. It was sometimes hard for me to imagine the final work product. So I took up CAD (computer aided design) modeling, rendering and animation; in 3D and 2D.  I can render anything but generally I find kitchens, bathrooms, libraries, basements, man-caves, or similar consolidated spaces, to be the most popular.

Once I complete a full 3D animation, for my client, the first comments I usually receive are:


“How did you do that”?

“Oh, this gives me some great ideas”!


Once I create a 3D rendering or animation for your project, inspiration comes pouring out and the final tweaks begin. I have several thousand items stuffed in my CAD library of products. As an example, based on manufacturer availability, I can reproduce an actual appliance in a kitchen, a fixture in a bathroom, billiards in a basement/man cave, seating in a theater, built-ins in a Library or whatever else you might desire; that can be incorporated right into the movie.

My renderings and animations are created in a very high quality 4k resolution, 60FPS and 0% compression. When viewed on your 4k quality TV/Monitor allows you to see the finest of details in a very smooth and glass like delivery.

What does this service cost? Its dynamic in nature as each assignment is unique in both size and details needed for a particular perspective. Maybe the better question is…. how the feeling lingers for many years, after spending $130,000 on your dream kitchen that didn’t turn out quite the way you had hoped. This unique service gives you the tools to see those visions; that most builders cannot provide in-house. A visual like none other; let's envision and then build your next project together.

Especially at today’s product availabilities and material prices, it pays to get it right the first time.

"Cheryl's Kitchen; An Edge Unlike Most"

"Jenny's Kitchen & Banquette Area" - White Tone

"Jenny's Kitchen & Banquette Area" - Warm Tone

Clients maximize value utilizing this method of design service; a service seldom utilized yet equally important as the build itself.

Lets do one together!

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